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The First of the Scanned

August 11, 2010

Jacob and I hooked up the scanner last night and began to snag some awesome images from an old “cyclopedia” that we bought at a library sale.  We ripped off the already-tattered binding and fed the pages through the machine.  We have found some really cool images and can’t wait to share our completely public domain images with the world.

Until we get the beeswaxer up and running, I’ll just share a few fun edits with you. Today, a colored and cleaned up header that I just fell in love with!  How much fun are the vines and the birds?!

Just you wait to see the lobster.

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ODWR Unscrambler

June 30, 2010

Jacob has so many ideas! I love it when I can help put one in action with a little logo. One of his recent creations is a word unscrambler. It, well, unscrambles words.  Perfect for those newspaper puzzles or other word games.  I decided a fun logo could involve using common word games like crosswords or boggle.

The finished product came from a lot of back and forth between Jacob and me about details and colors and fonts.  But it is so much fun being able to focus on something like this.  Entire webpages intimidate me because of all the different aspects and things that could go wrong.  Logos are fun and can have so much personality in such a small area.

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Logo Design

June 29, 2010

My sister-in-law has a fashion blog. Jacob has been helping her out by hosting it and fixing her bugs. This month she asked me to help redesign her logo. I’ve been helping Jacob out with some simple logos, nothing that’ll knock any socks off but creations that give a bit more uniqueness to a website that a simple text title. So he suggested that she ask me for some help.

Her original logo:

She like the background so I worked with it and just updated the look. I think this fits perfectly into her so posh style and it was really great to go back and forth with different ideas and get a customer’s feedback.

Now it is Jacob’s job to match the all the links and stuff to my design. I’m just so happy my first customer was pleased 😀 woot.

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Dr. Peanut

May 28, 2010

Jacob and one of his coworkers were talking about how they thought superman was “allergic” to kryptonite like some people are allergic to peanuts. He came home rambling about it and then would bust out all through dinner, while cowering dramatically, “OoOooooh nooooOo, peanuts!!!” So then we joked around about how Mr. Peanut would be that poor allergic person’s nemisis.
For your veiwing pleasure, we created that monstrous Dr. Peanut, enemy to allergic people everywhere, maybe even our own Superman-equivalent on some ant planet or something.

The Cracked Dr. Peanut

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Choose the Right

May 11, 2010

For our last lesson as CTR 5 teachers at our current ward Jacob and I taught lesson 14 out of the CTR A book: Dare to Choose the Right.  I thought it would be fun to make a little coloring page for the kids with a CTR shield on it.  But I struggled finding a decent image to use.  I did find one image that seemed sufficient and traced it in inkscape.  I love the bitmap trace tool in inkscape, vectors always look so good compared to pixelated images.

This is a really good image to color, and I can resize it to be a whole page large or just a little icon.

Great for Coloring

However, I decided that it wasn’t really true to the style I grew up with and decided to make my own, inspired by my CTR ring.

Choose the Right

I can’t help but feel this one is so much more genuine.  What do you think?

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Graduation Thank You Note

May 9, 2010

I’m graduating from college in one week!!!  Woot.  I sent out my announcements a few weeks ago and began to receive gifts soon thereafter, double woot.  I also celebrated my twenty first birthday on Friday.  My sister and her fiancé gave me my wish of a tablet.  TRIPLE WOOOOOT!  This perfect storm of amazingness required an entire Sunday devoted to creating the perfect thank you card.  So here is a tribute to W&M with the added bonus of having created it using my new toy, ahem, tablet.   (I just hope my family appreciates my fine handiwork, haha).

Wren-Inspired Thank You Note

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Easter Morn

April 4, 2010

This afternoon we listened to our Prophet and many others talk about the blessings that Christ gave to us by giving his life and taking it again, and that includes the blessing of Resurrection.  Easter is a wonderful time to contemplate the Savior’s last days on this earth as a mortal and the beautiful fact that He lives.

He has burst his three day's prison, Let the whole wide earth rejoice

Happy and Blessed Easter.

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April 3, 2010

Easter is always a fun time, spring flowers are blooming, we have the biggest home meet of the year on this weekend and we are reminded of the redeeming power of the Lord.  Pretty sweet holiday.  I decided to decorate some eggs to share.  Happy Easter!

Easter Eggs

Wish me good luck, with the home field advantage maybe I will throw far!

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April 2, 2010

Recently I’ve found some inspiration in my own photographs. Here is a semi-tracing of a photograph I took on my college campus. Plus it is in my school’s colors. Go Tribe.

Green and Gold Lightpost

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Pig(gy Bank) Love

March 30, 2010

I drew one of Jacob’s piggy banks in Inkscape the other day. I really like the shape in general, but incorporating the “bank” part is not trivial.

We had a friend over and she brought over her new boyfriend whom we hadn’t yet met. I suppose our anecdotes emphasized our differences because he asked what did we have in common. I replied quickly with “money” to get a laugh. But Jacob and I do share a the trait of valuing the freedom that comes with financial independence and provident living. But I suppose that inspired my newest creation:  Piggy Bank Love.

Piggy Bank Love

And for the more romantic side:

More Pig Love

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