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May 31, 2013

In my ward’s primary, I’m in charge of the monthly theme board. I’m in charge of printing out the monthly themes and scriptures. For a touch of fun, I designed these month name headers. I printed the year’s worth of them on cardstock and cut them out for repeated use in the primary.

July and August

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Teacher’s Social Invitation

January 31, 2013

A new year in primary means new teachers and a reason to get together for setting expectations and encouraging one another. I made this simple invite for our Teacher’s Social. I had to figure out bending text and that banner. It was fun to put together and the colors were a nice vacation from my children’s brights that is all I’ve used recently.



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Child of God Crown

December 29, 2012

The new primary theme for 2013 is “I am a Child of God”. What a sweet theme. My newsletter for the primary in 2012 contained a simple CTR logo so I wanted to come up with something similarly simple for this year. Children of God are naturally royal, hence my inspiration. Enjoy!


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Fall Primary Presentation

November 30, 2012

As the primary secretary, I do a lot of handout designing. Here is the flyer advertising our primary program. I have loved this year’s theme of Choose the Right!


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