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May 15, 2014

My husband works with his old roomate’s company Novak Solutions. They design integrations for Infusionsoft, an email marketing company.  Jacob’s role in the company is pretty non-specific. He works on a lot of aspects of the business, including code, ads, videos, social media, and newsletters. I’m happy to say his graphics skills have increased because of it. I love helping him when he gets too deep into Photoshop or Illustrator and gets a little lost. Here is one of our team projects.

This April, Infusionsoft had a large conference, and Jacob jetted off to Arizona to attend and push their integrations. We had to design a few banners for the company’s booth. I am pretty comfortable using the appearances menu and transformations as well. However, I never used “expand appearance” before. This makes the editable changes applied via the appearances menu permanent. And it was the only way to make the pattern clipped to the banner size. The banner was about 10 feet wide, so the design needed to be just right.

So Jacob’s vision for how the logo would be patterned and my experience using the tranform menu plus a little new knowledge gave us a great final product! I love it when an assignment leads to new knowledge and pretty endings.


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