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July 22, 2010

Jacob lives (and by lives I mean blogs) by wordpress. It is quite easy for him to host it and edit it yada yada. Well, I, on the other hand, began my blogging adventures in the blogger-sphere. I can’t say I’m proud but it was just easier. But editing a theme was killer. Who seriously remembers HTML from their web-site building class in middle school? Other than my husband that is… Anyway, they just loaded a template editor which is very blogger-friendly even if you don’t know code. Lots of pretty colors and backgrounds and completely customizable. And I realized (as Jacob showed me) that CSS isn’t that difficult to edit in. So I learned a few bits and pieces of code and off I went. Like a madwoman.

I whipped up a quick background but Jacob demanded that I make a new header. “Anything is better than naked helvetica.” And so it is.  So I put up this header.  Go check it out at

Jacob put the finishing touch on by making me a favicon. I love my new blog!

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